Monday, February 22, 2010

Everybody Counts

The US Census Bureau has designated April 1, 2010 as Census Day and will be mailing census questionnaire forms to households sometime in mid- March. It is crucial to get an accurate count because data collected will have a significant impact on the quality of life in our communities. Census data are used to distribute Congressional seats to states, allocate more than $400 billion in federal grants to state and local governments, and help guide decisions at every level of government that will impact our communities. Significant work is now being done in our communities to promote the importance of the census and increase the mail-in response rate of our county residents. Special efforts are being made to reach the hard-to-count population including minorities, non-English speaking households, low income households and the transient population. The Census questionnaire is quick and easy to complete - 10 questions, 10 minutes. Responses are held in strict confidence and by law cannot be shared with anyone, including government, law enforcement agencies, not even the President of the United States! Please do your part to help our county and our communities. Fill out the questionnaire and mail it back promptly. Be counted and make a difference! For more information, please visit or

2010 Census "Everybody Counts" Poster Contest
Contra Costa County is launching a countywide poster contest for all K-12 students in Contra Costa schools. The goal of the contest is to raise awareness of the importance of the census - that it is safe, easy and important - and that everyone must be counted.

"Everybody Counts" Art Poster Contest

Open to all K-12 students in Contra Costa County

Poster entries are due March 10, 2010 at your school or may also be submitted to 651 Pine Street, 10th floor, Martinez

To help promote the 2010 Census in Contra Costa County.

For more information about the contest, please visit our
Web site.