Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why Do I Need to Know Algebra?

The Contra Costa Office of Education in partnership with Chevron Corporation launches a new project titled “Why Do I Need to Know Algebra?” This project addresses the gap in students’ knowledge between what they learn in the classroom and how they will use the knowledge as they move into higher education and into their careers.

Many students believe that algebra doesn’t apply to real life. They echo the common refrain, “Why do I need to know Algebra?” As adults we know that math applies to many careers, not just those in math and science. Through the curriculum materials and video clips, students will learn about a variety of careers that use Algebra. They will have the opportunity to hear real people talk about their careers and practice some of the math skills along the way. Take a look for yourself at wwww.cocoschools.org/whyalgebra . All materials may be downloaded from the website for free. For additional information contact Louise Barbee at lbarbee@cccoe.k12.ca.us.