Thursday, May 10, 2012

CCCOE School Nurse, Meg Murray, Named California's School Nurse of the Year

Meg Murray has practiced as a school nurse in California for over 14 years, and has been at the Contra Costa County Office of Education's (CCCOE) Marchus School since August 2003.  Meg received her Master of Science from San Jose State University and School Nurse Services Credential in 2002. She holds the advanced practice certificate of clinical nurse specialist.  Meg entered school nursing in 1997 after over 20 years as a critical care nurse in intensive, coronary, trauma, and neonatal units.    

In her position at Marchus, Meg provides health services to emotionally disturbed students, grades K-12.  She is responsible for the health, safety, and medication case management of special education students with complex mental and physical needs.  Marchus Counseling and Education Program (CEP) is a unique county program that provides academic classes and intensive psycho-educational services to students referred to the program by their home school districts in the IEP (Individual Education Plan) process. An important CEP program goal is to stabilize the students, instill successful behavioral and academic skills, and return students to their home school district.  In her position, Meg works with school psychologists; social workers; the principal; and speech/language, occupational, and adaptive physical-education therapists as part of the IEP process.  She acts as a vital liaison between our special education services team and the professional medical community.

Meg's accomplishments are varied and many, including presenting to the CA School Nurses Organization annual conferences; educating teachers, substitutes, and staff on relevant health topics; and providing trainings on medical interventions. She is a trained facilitator of the Tobacco Awareness Program, and speaks in health and sports medicine classes.

"Meg provides a wealth of resource information for the Marchus School program and is a resource to the entire CCCOE," said Peter Simack, Marchus School principal. "Her presence and position with our program and within our agency is invaluable." 

Meg will be honored at the California School Nurses Organization
Annual 2012 Conference Business Meeting
Friday, June 22, 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Marriott Marquis Hotel at 55 Fourth Street, San Francisco

Additionally, the National Association of School Nurses will recognize Meg at their National Annual Convention, that begins June 23 at the same location. She will receive the Excellence in School Nursing Award, given to school nurses throughout the country for their work in the field of school nursing.