Friday, November 19, 2010

CTAG Projects Celebrated

Teachers and principals throughout the county gathered to celebrate the final round of County Technology Academy Grants (CTAG). The CTAG program was made possible through the generous partnership between CCCOE and The Lesher Foundation. This opportunity joined teachers, schools, and the local community in supporting education for the past 13 years.

Left, Amy Geotina (former COE employee, now working at Las Lomas High) and Mac Carey, chief technology officer for the COE, strike a pose with Frank Marrero who proudly displays the Certificate of Achievement he received for the Professional Development Grant project: Communication, Collaboration, and the Writing Process: Using Wikis and Blogs to Enliven the Teaching of Writing. Mr. Marrero teaches at Ellerhorst Elementary in West Contra Costa USD. This year's CTAG Celebration was held October 28, in the COE board room.

The CTAG grant became a recognized grant program to support teacher and school projects that brought technology and training to staff to support student learning. Over the past 13 years, almost two million dollars in 246 grants have been awarded to more than 500 teachers in Contra Costa County.

Judy Lauper and Dennis Beck from Clayton Valley High School share steps in making a video lesson.

Angela Guidi and Monique Della-Santina from Rheem Elementary exhibit the advantages of having a Promethean ActivBoard in the classroom.

The goals of CTAG have remained consistent over the life of the programs:
  • To increase technology capabilities in classrooms in order to enhance curriculum and increase student learning.
  • To provide technical support to teachers to use new technology in ways that infuse technology into classrooms and curriculum.
  • To promote long-term community support of the local schools by requiring matching funds from each recipient's school/community.
Teachers have embraced the use of technology in their classrooms to impact over 10,000 students in Contra Costa County. A few examples of the type of technology that teachers have used funds to purchase and receive professional development on are: interactive whiteboards, document cameras, student response systems, LCD projectors, computers, and voice amplification systems.

"Acquiring the CTAG Grant and implementing our goal has not only enriched the learning environment for our students, but also has taken our teaching practices to a higher level." 
Morello Park Elementary, Martinez Unified School District

This grant has had a significant effect on thousands of students in Contra Costa County and will continue to do so for several years to come. Contra Costa County Office of Education, along with the students and teachers we represent, appreciate the generous support of The Lesher Foundation.