Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Free School Supply Kits for Homeless Youth in Contra Costa County Schools

 Throughout the month of February, districts in Contra Costa County distributed 1,239 tote bags filled with $65 worth of free school supplies to homeless students.

The supplies were provided free of charge by K-to-College, a California non-profit organization, as part of their School Supply Initiative. CCCOE/Youth Development Services (YDS) Homeless Program established an agreement with KtoCollege to provide these donated supplies to school districts with high numbers of homeless youth. This was the first year of CCCOE's participation in the School Supply Initiative.

In total, nine pallets of school supplies and an additional 4,900 dental kits were delivered to the CCCOE to process and distribute to districts. The quantities of kits delivered to districts were based on numbers of homeless youth who had been identified by the schools earlier in the year. The dental kits were provided to kindergartners at schools with high rates of students enrolled in the Free or Reduced Price Meal Program.

A special thanks to CCCOE's YDS staff, Tito Rodriguez from General Services, and Rich Gamba from the Parolee Education Program for their help getting these special deliveries out to the districts!